Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Madelyn Rose!

Madelyn is ONE! I cannot believe that over a year ago I gave birth to a 9 lb., 20 inch baby girl. Even harder to believe is that an entire year has gone by already. I am struggling with the fact that my little girl is growing up so fast, it feels like next week we will be buying her first car.

The past year has been by far the best of our lives and the hardest. Madelyn has been an absolute joy, it has been so exciting to watch her learn and become increasingly brave and adventerous. We just ADORE her!!

I am a little behind in the birthday post and pics but we had two parties and have been consumed with celebrating the past two weeks. We celebrated on her birthday by giving her, her gift from Mommy and Daddy. We bought her a Radioflyer Wagon! She loved riding in her friend Jackson's a few weeks ago and we thought it would be very convenient for walks, trips to the zoo and farmers market on the weekends. We also took her to the Children's Museum, she loved the carousel and the train. Madelyn took cupcakes to The Treehouse on her birthday to share with all of her daycare friends! She sported her #1 shirt for the day!

I have posted a few pics from the festivities!!