Thursday, June 27, 2013

37 Weeks with Twins

37 weeks and still going strong...wait, strong may be an over statement.  I am whipped!! 

Since my last update I have hit my limit, I have had many breakdowns thinking I just cannot do this anymore. Yet, I have managed to make it another week.  In my last post I wrote about having some pain near my c-section scar, I believed it was scar tissue.  Last Tuesday that pain got much worse and I could barely walk, after a visit with my doctor we learned that I have a hernia.  It's fairly common for pregnant women to get a hernia during pregnancy.  I have trudged along, thanks to Tylenol! I will have the hernia repaired during my c-section with the twins.

That wasn't the end of week 36 surprises though, I had been dealing with very itchy belly and stretch marks as I also mentioned in my last post.  Well I noticed that itchiness started to spread to my legs, chest and arms. PUPPPS rash! It's the most horrid thing ever! I wouldn't wish this on anyone. I find myself awake numerous times at night just itching and scratching.  I guess it's a good way to prepare for night feedings with the boys. I am basically sucking it up and using an antihistamine and Sarna Lotion to cope. From what I have read it should go away about a week after delivery. Fingers crossed!

I have read that it's smart to keep the babies in the same infant carrier, mainly to cut down on any illness if one were to come down with something.  It obviously won't stop it from happening but it can help.  I saw lots of people using ribbons tied on the carrier, pink for the girl and blue for the boy. Uh, doesn't help when you are having same sex twins.  So I decided to use the same concept but paint their names on the ribbon.  Picture below!  It should also help if they end up looking a lot alike.

I had an ultrasound this morning, it was pretty much impossible to see much at this point. They are both head down and quite cramped.  According to the u/s Baby A is measuring 6lbs. 6 oz. and Baby B is measuring 6lbs. 10 oz.  I can't believe it and I don't think my doctors can either, of course these are only estimates of very crowded babies so we will see.  

No signs of delivery at this point so we are planning to have them on Tuesday morning, July 2nd at 7:30am. That has been my scheduled date for a month now. 

FIVE days until we become a party of 5!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

36 Weeks with Twins

I really can't believe I am still pregnant with these guys. They just continue to plug along all comfy in there, I thought with my height (5'2") they would've arrived by now but I guess they are content!

My stomach has dropped and it's getting harder and harder with each day to carry them. My c-section is scheduled for July 2nd if I don't have them before that.  I went out and bought little 4th of July onesies for them! Next week we have a growth ultrasound scheduled on the 27th, I am so anxious to know how big they are. We are estimating around 6 lbs each. Whooaaahhh!!!

It's clear that my doctors primary concern is for the babies to stay put as long as possible.  Because they took me off work I have been able to rest and take things easy, I am positive this is why I have been able to carry them this long. 
My blood pressure continues to do well since being off work and the babies are doing so well with the non-stress tests. My biggest complaints are the heartburn and the stretchmarks which actually feel like burns at this point.  I am also experiencing quite a bit of pain around my original c-section scar, I guess it's scar tissue that is being pulled and causes a burning sensation.

Here is a picture Adam took the other night while I was sitting on the couch. The babies move around so much and it looked like one of them actually sat up, my stomach was so deformed looking. 

Here is to 36 weeks, working on 37!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

34 & 35 Weeks

I wish I had some fantastic news to share but not a lot has changed in two weeks other than becoming very uncomfortable.

We are estimating the babies to be between 10-11 pounds together at this point. I can still feel and see a lot of movement but can no longer tell who is who.  I love watching Madelyn's face when she watches the babies move, her giggle is priceless! I always ask her which baby she thinks it is and she always says Carter.  Carter is either already her favorite or he better be prepared for his big sister to show him who's boss.

I am continuing my twice weekly non-stress tests, so far they have all gone well. I keep thinking one of these visits they won't let me leave.  My blood sugar is being controlled pretty well with diet and a small pill dose of insulin. I am finding it more and more difficult to sleep and walk.  I can barely turn over in bed anymore, I really feel bad for Adam, I know he hasn't slept well either for a few months now.  As for walking I feel pretty good until mid-day and then the weight begins to take it's toll and I slow way down.  My newest issue is the itchiness of my stomach, it's unreal how much it itches from the stretching.  I slather it with cocoa butter numerous times a day but it's not helping much.  I have even made myself bleed a few times from scratching, maybe that's TMI but I am trying to document all of the details.

During this whole experience I have found it difficult to find a lot of "real" information on being pregnant with multiples.  Because of that I decided to document the good, bad and ugly.  I don't intend to sound negative because overall I have had a good pregnancy. Just trying to keep it real!!!!

Hope to meet these two boys soon!!