Thursday, June 12, 2014

This Girl!

So lately I feel like people are always asking about the twins and they're great, fun and learning something everyday. But, it's my oldest "baby" who has really been amazing me lately! 

Madelyn who turned 5 a little over a month ago has literally turned into a little lady right before my very eyes.  I find myself looking at her in awe everyday as she does or says something that makes me realize she isn't my "baby' any more.  People are always asking if she is a good helper with the babies, I can honestly say "YES".  Now, she has her moments but don't we all?  She is a great helper and chooses to help more often then she plays the "I'm not the mommy" card. And yes, she really does use those words.  For example, a few nights ago Adam had put Colten to bed and went to take a shower. Maddy and I were still downstairs playing with Carter when I heard Colten crying from upstairs, I knew Carter would throw a fit as soon as I got up to leave the room and he did.  As I am upstairs trying to get Colten back to sleep I can hear Carter crying/ screaming downstairs.  I am silently praying for Adam to get out of the shower quickly to come help me but he had literally just gotten in. As I rocked Colten back to sleep and listened to Carter cry down stairs it took only a few minutes for me to realize Carter had gotten quiet.  I put Colten back to bed and raced down the stairs to find this!

Maddy had covered him with a blanket, put his paci in his mouth and laid down next to him while she sang to him...he was out!!!  I was so proud of her and she was very proud of herself.    I seriously looked at her in awe, she's an amazing big sister.  I also can't figure out how people have twins without a "little helper" at home.

*Maleficent Spoiler Alert*
I try to do things where Maddy and I can have some one on one time, this past Sunday was kind of gloomy out so I asked her if she would like to go see a movie. Of course she said yes, I decided to take her to see Maleficent.  For some 5 year old it may have been a little scary but my kid likes to watch the Pirates of the Caribbean movies so I knew she could handle it.  The movie was great and she was enjoying it and asking a few questions through out.  Towards the end of the movie you see the relationship grow between Aurora and Maleficent, their love is un-wavering for each other.  At one point during the movie Maddy looked up at me and her tear filled eyes met my tear filled eyes.  Of course she started laughing that we were both crying but it hit me hard.  My little girl is realizing the emotion and love in this movie and was actually moved to tears.  WOW, she really is growing up!

I love you like crazy, my precious girl!

*sorry for the dark iphone pics :)