Thursday, September 13, 2012

Official Pin Head

It's official, I'm a self professed Pinterest addict.  There are not enough days in the week for me to possibly complete all of the ideas I have found on Pinterest.  If you haven't checked out Pinterest yet I highly suggest you do!!

I recently completed two of the projects I had found on Pinterest, both were pretty easy.  One is a simple picture frame turned dry erase board!  I wanted it in our kitchen where I constantly need to write things down we need at the grocery.  I felt it would be great to use for reminders but also a way for Adam and I to write notes to each other.  As an added bonus I hadn't thought of, it also worked well to keep Madelyn busy drawing pictures the other night while I made dinner.

I simply found a pretty black frame I liked and purchased some burlap, then all you do is cut the burlap to fit the frame and put it in like a picture and put the frame back together.  Buy a few dry erase markers and you have a cute board.  Love it!!

The second project I wanted to do was to organize all of my necklaces, I have a great jewelry drawer in our dresser but they kept getting all tangled up.  I saw an idea on Pinterest that showed a bathroom towel rack with shower hooks to hang your necklaces from, I liked the idea but didn't want to put extra holes in the wall or have them hanging out in the open.  Adam gave me the idea to use a shower curtain rod instead of the towel bar.  I decided to put it in my closet behind my clothes, each morning I can pick out my outfit and have all my necklaces right there.  I installed one of the tension shower rods with the shower rings and then hung all of my necklaces.  No more untangling them each morning!!

Thank you to Pinterest for the ideas!!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Madelyn's 1st Colts Game!

We love the Colts!!  Madelyn knows the two teams we cheer for in our house are the Colts and the Hoosiers...however she hasn't figured out that they aren't the same team.  We are still working on that!!  Every year we have shared Colts season tickets with Adam's family, we usually sell the pre-season tickets.  This year we weren't able to sell the first home pre-season game and Adam was busy that day so I decided to take Madelyn.

I dressed her up in her Colts cheerleading uniform and bow and off we went!  She LOVED it and everytime we see a football game on TV now she thinks it was the game we went to.   I even had the Colts game on in the car on Sunday and after a few minutes she said "mama, is this a football game were listening to?".    She is offically on the right track to being a Colts fan for life!! And the Hoosiers! 

P.S.  If you haven't heard Madelyn say "Hoooooosiers" then you are missing out.  So cute!