Monday, April 26, 2010

Life is CRAZY!!!

Life has been crazy lately, it seems like we have had one thing after another. Needless to say, that's why I have been MIA on the blog.

Many of you know I recently completed Real Estate school and obtained my license, since then I have started classes 2 nights a week with Keller Williams. On the other nights and weekends I have been busy showing houses to my first client. Last Thursday we found the perfect house for them and Friday we had an accepted offer. I am still working my full-time job as well.

I have also been busy planning Madelyn's 1st Birthday Party, I know she will never remember any of it but I still want it to be perfect. So everything from the dress, cake, balloons, picture video and invitations has been time consuming the past few weeks...and that is just party #1, we still have party #2 to prepare for at Grandma and Grandpa Williams house.

Adam has been busy watching Madelyn while I am in class or showing houses and has been so great the past few weeks with my spur of the moment schedule. He truly is a blessing to my life and I don't know what I would do without him. Thank you for all your help, honey!!

Thursday evening will be filled with fun and laughter when 8 of my girlfriends come over for dinner! I am thrilled to have them and know it will be a blast. I can't help but notice a few traits of my mom that are coming out in my personality. She could never say no and was always taking on more then she thought she could handle, but somehow always got it done. I will be pleased if I can get half as much done as she did in her life!!


Thursday, April 15, 2010


Madelyn had her first playdate at the park last night, Maddy and I met Jackson and Kristen at Brooks School Park and let the kiddos play a bit. Jackson was kind enough to let Maddy ride in his wagon, we made a few trips around the park. At one point we caught them holding hands...or Jackson was trying to teach Maddy how to give "five", either way it was cute!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Madelyn's 1st Easter

Madelyn's first Easter was a busy one; we woke up early at our house to see what the Easter Bunny had dropped off. We then headed to Bloomington for church with Grandpa and Grandma Williams and Aunt Allie; of course she had 2 Easter baskets waiting on her when we arrived. After church we had Easter dinner at the B&B with the rest of the Williams Family, there was so much food that I think we brought home almost as much as we took.

Maddy was able to hunt eggs and her cousin Kenna helped as the rest of us took pictures. Madelyn still isn't real sure what she thinks about grass so it took some warming up before she got the hang of it.

On our way back to Indianapolis we stopped in Mooresville at my Aunt Laurie's house where we were able to visit with my mom's side of the family and hunt more eggs. Maddy had fun watching the other kids and hunted a few more eggs of her own; every egg she picked up was purple which I found funny since they matched her dress.

Madelyn was in a great mood all day and managed to sneak in a few cat naps in the car, but once we arrived home last night it didn't take long before she let us know she was exhausted and ready for bed.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Summer Sandals Take 2

Last year right after Madelyn was born, Aunt Allie (my sister) decided to start a tradition of taking Maddy to buy her first pair of summer sandals each year. Last year Madelyn was a bit too small to go try on sandals but this year we made the trip. I went along this year but I have a feeling next year it will just be Aunt Allie and Maddy, as it will be for many years to come.

Last Saturday we went to 9 different stores in search of the perfect pair of sandals and just couldn't find the right pair. Part of the problem is that Madelyn seems to have very small feet compared to the rest of her body, but since she is walking she needs a more structured shoe and they don't make many in her size. After trying on a few pair and hitting up department store after department store we finally found a cute pair at...Target! For some reason Target's shoes seem to fit her the best.

Maddy was quite funny when we put the sandals on her that night at home, she couldn't get over having shoes on and still being able to see her feet. She kept looking down at her feet after every few steps.

I look forward to next Spring when Maddy and Allie go out shopping and I get to be surprised with what they come home with!!