Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Big Color Little Money

Well, believe it or not I found something else I wanted to make on Pinterest. I found all of the components for my project and then that thing called life happened and the project sat unfinished for oooh probably 2 months!!! That can never happen again!

Pinned Image
My inspiration was this found here.

The only problem was that I could not, for the life of me, find letters anywhere that I liked so I scoured the internet and finally found some.  There are tons of websites out there selling unfinished wood products. Mine were not as cheap as I would have liked and they came in way larger than I was expecting but I went with it. I purchased my canvas (which I used a 40% coupon on and it cost me $15 whoohoo), paint and glue from Hobby Lobby.

I did some measuring, used an all purpose glue to adhere the letters onto the canvas and then I was ready to paint.  Simple enough? (Don't ask why this project took me almost 2 months). I decided to use teal paint instead of white to add some color to our bedroom. I believe the tutorial found through Pinterest used white spray paint but since I wanted teal and couldn't find the right color of spray paint, I hand painted mine. Obviously this took A LOT more time but I am SO pleased with the result.  I then added a touch of grey paint around some of the edges and the letters to add a distressed look and this is my final product!

It added a lot of color for not a lot of money to our bedroom which will hopefully have a fresh coat of grey paint before to long!


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

We wanted to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!!  We hope you are able to spend time with family and friends, and enjoy lots of yummy food.

Allison and I will be doing our Christmas decorating over the weekend so we will be back to share pictures of our trees and other fun things next week. 

Have a Blessed Holiday!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Table Transformation Part 2

After lots of sanding, priming and painting we have a "new" kitchen table.  You can see my original post here; I was given this table by my friend and co-worker Mary and rather then sell it in a garage sale I decided to give it a make-over. 

Original Table

The table itself was very nice, however the colors didn't go with our decor so I opted to give it a fresh coat of black paint.  In order to paint, I first had the dreaded job of sanding.  I despise sanding, it's so messy and your arm is left feeling like a limp, vibrating noodle an hour after you've finished.

Once I got the shiny top coat off and most of the old paint I was ready to prime.  To save time I decided to use Rustoleum Spray Primer, it went on easy and covered well enough that only one bottle was necessary.
Rustoleum Ultra Cover Primer in black

Table after two coats of primer

Once I let the primer dry completely for 24 hours I got to work on the paint, I chose Rustoleum Painters Touch Latex Paint in black.  I wanted that smooth,  Pottery Barn finish so I decided to go with a flat paint instead of a semi-gloss. This is a little bit of a risk considering it's a kitchen table where stuff will definitely be spilled, so far no issues and everything has wiped off easily.

I used a brush and roller to apply the paint; I prefer a roller to get that smooth finish, however in some areas you  have to use a brush to get in the nooks and crannies.  The other key to getting a smooth finish is to let the paint dry completely between each coat of paint.  It may take a little longer to finish your project but the end result will be well worth it.

I'm a fan of the Purdy paint products

After two coats of paint
After 3 coats of paint the table was transformed!  I waited a full 48 hours before bringing the table inside, you always want to be sure your paint is fully cured and dry.

We love the way it turned out and have been enjoying our dinners at the new table, lucky for us our old chairs still match great and we didn't have to worry about replacing those.

Finished Table!!

 If you look closely in the back ground you may be able to tell what my next project will be?!?!

So, do you have any paint projects you are working on right now?


SCS was in no way paid to endorse the Rustoleum or Purdy products, we just like them and want to share what products we prefer.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

One Smart Cookie

This morning when I got to work I was looking through my phone for a picture, thats when I came across a few photos I hadn't taken.
Apparently, Madelyn took it upon herself to take a few self portraits with my phone last night. I guess she is smarter then I give her credit.


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Table Transformation

I was given this table by Mary, a co-worker who I can also call a friend.  Mary bought a new table and no longer had room for this one in her home.  I originally planned to sell it in a garage sale I was having, once I saw the table I loved it and decided I needed to find a home for it in my house.

Stay tuned later in the week for my after pictures, I LOVE how it turned out!!


Monday, November 7, 2011

It's a DEAL!!

It's a deal for you and we are excited about it!!  It's about that time to get Christmas cards printed up, right?  Well, you must check out Christa Barlow Designs, she has the cutest cards, invitations, announcements and other party supplies.

 Sooooo, what's the deal you ask?!?!  10% off your order!  If you go to the above website and make a purchase, at checkout you will have the option to put in the code "savvy" in the coupon code box.  Who doesn't love to save a little extra cash around the holidays? I know we do!!

Happy Shopping!

Friday, November 4, 2011


Is it to early?  December 1st is just around the corner so it's time to start thinking about it!

Stop back by SCS on Monday and we may just have a DEAL for you?!?!?!  See you then and have a great weekend!


Thursday, November 3, 2011

An Elf Tradition

Courtesy of http://www.amazon.com/
 I heard of the Elf on the Shelf a few years ago and thought it was a cute idea.  Now that my daughter is a little older I decided this would be a great year to introduce this tradition to our family.  If you are unfamiliar with The Elf on the Shelf you can check out the website

The idea is that your family adopts an Elf, which you name, then your Elf watches over your household during the day and at nighttime comes to life and reports back to Santa.  Here is where you can get creative and hide your Elf in new places every night so when the kiddos wake up in the morning they have to hunt for the Elf.  I love the idea of having the Elf do different things to keep the kids excited and interested.  I researched the Internet for some ideas and Allie and I came up with a few on our own as well.

Since the holidays tend to be extra busy I decided it would be great to share some of our Elf ideas with each other so we can have a game plan in place.  Here are a few suggestions!

Elf on the Shelf Ideas:

  •  Elf makes breakfast and the kids wake up to Snow Covered Donuts (powdered donuts)
  •  Elf makes snow angels on your kitchen table using flour or sugar
  • Elf is found in the bathtub with new peppermint soap or bubbles
  • Elf bakes cookies
  • Elf wrapped presents and is found under the tree
  • Elf is found on the dashboard of the car and when the car starts Christmas music is playing
  • Elf is found in the freezer because he misses the North Pole
  • Elf is found on the back of the toilet, when they lift the lid there are snowflake sprinkles in the water
  • Elf is found in the refrigerator and the milk is green (food coloring)
  • Elf brings new Christmas pajamas
  • Elf is found playing a board game with a few other favorite fuzzy friends in the play room
  • Elf is found coloring on a new Christmas coloring book he brought back from the North Pole
  • Elf is found in the shoes and filled the shoes with Hershey Kisses
  • Elf is found in the Christmas Tree with a new ornament
  • Elf is found having a tea party with a few friends
  • Elf is found in kitchen where he hung candy canes from all the cabinet hardware
  • Elf is found with a few pictures of him playing out in the snow during the night
  • Elf is found watching a Christmas movie on the portable DVD player (if you can time it right)
We would love to hear any other ideas or suggestions you have and happy "Elfing"!!!

I have had a few people ask where I bought my Elf on the Shelf, I purchased ours at Delaney's.  Oh and we named him Kringle, after Kristopher Kringle!  Don't forget to go to the official Elf on the Shelf website and register your elf and print out your adoption certificate and letter from Santa.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Please Put Your Pencils Down

Time's up!!! Pinterest Challenge time is over, and we can't wait to see what exciting, awesome, creative-why-didn't-we-think-of-that ideas everyone came up with.

We are already in Christmas mode over here at SCS and  couldn't wait to start our first Christmas projects for this year and the Pinterest Challenge gave us the little boost we needed.

We love the ladies over at YHL and Bower Power  for creating the Pinterest Challenge, it's such a good excuse to actually get some of those Pin's done! We went through our holiday appropriate Pin's and I (Allison)  decided to put my own twist on this one...

Pinned Image

I set out to Hobby Lobby and Michael's to purchase what I needed.  I knew  I didn't  need the numbers on ours since you can't see the house from the road and I knew I wanted red flowers.

The wreath was $4.00
Ribbon $1
Flowers $8
"S" $.99
Paint for the "S" $2.00 (found this at Michael's)
Hot Glue Gun-Free (already owned)

I first wrapped the ribbon around where I wanted it, making sure that it covered enough area for me to put on my "S" later and secured it with hot glue. I cut the flowers off the stem and arranged them how I wanted around the ribbon.  I then glued the flowers on making sure to put them close enough together so that you couldn't see the wreath underneath.  I painted my "S" with Martha Stewart's Glitter Acrylic found at Michael's. Once it was dry I glued it onto the ribbon.  I tied some ribbon around the top and done!  I can't wait to leave it hanging on my door after Thanksgiving!

For $15.99 I am very happy with the way it turned out, I don't think I could have found a similar, personalized wreath for less.

What did you guys come up with? Any yummy new recipes to share, easy DIY projects or maybe something Holiday related?

Stay tuned later in the week to see what other DIY craft the SCS completed from Pinterest for the challenge!


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat!

Here are a few photos of our little "popcorn".  We chose the costume because popcorn is Madelyn's favorite snack food, if you pop a bag you can be sure she probably isn't going to share.

We didn't take Maddy door to door this year, she is still a bit to shy.  We did get in some good trick or treating in Bloomington over the weekend.  I think it's safe to say she is a tiny bit spoiled, not only did she walk away with plenty of candy but new clothes and DVDs as well.  I don't remember that when I was a kid?!?!