Thursday, July 28, 2011

Not My Usual Post

This post is a little off from the normal things I talk about (Madelyn), but I figured why not? I have a love, hate relationship with decorating but lately I have been in the mood to make some changes. I have a true love for decorating and design but wouldn't say I am particularly good at it. Part of my problem is that I have a passion for old furniture; I think it has so much character and beautiful lines compared to what we see today, not to mention how well it's made.

The challenge is how to you take these old pieces and make them fresh and new without losing the character they possess. Adam and I are lucky that our families have had great taste over the years and we have inherited some great pieces from them. For instance in our living room I have 2 chairs that were my great- grandmothers, I love these chairs and most people that sit in them love them too. The only downfall is that they are a little squeaky because of their age, if I had to guess they are probably around 60 years old. I can only imagine all the stories those chairs have heard over the years. I also have a white, leather rocker that was my great-grandmother’s, based on the style of the chair I am guessing it was made in the 60’s.

Adam and I recently inherited a few pieces from his grandmother and they are gorgeous pieces that needed a little TLC to bring them back to life. We got her dining room table, chairs and buffet, plus a great chest. I have re-upholstered the chairs, gave them a good cleaning and a little Old English love, and they are good as new. I am excited to have them and know that they are a piece of Adam’s family.

Along with acquiring new furniture comes the urge to do some re-decorating! (Insert Adam eye rolling here) Nothing major but just a few things here and there to spruce things up and give a little character. I love the mix of old and new, it keeps things interesting!!

Here are a few pictures of my projects!

Chair after I re-upholstered

Before and After

The scalloped carving was all gold, I painted and refinished the hardware

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fripp Island 2011

I took quite a few pictures but here are a few of Madelyn over the week, she absolutely loved the beach and ocean. I am learning to get over my phobia of the sand, I can't stand it and much prefer to be at the pool. I think those days are over now that I'm a mom. Adam and I loved watching her experience it all for the first time, it's very special to see your own child splash in the ocean.

We had a large alligator that lived in the lagoon behind our house, Madelyn loved watching "Arnie" the alligator. (we nicknamed him that) We even left Fripp with our own stuffed "Arnie"! We also enjoyed watching the golfers as they would realize their ball was within a few feet of the sunbathing, 10 foot alligator.

Madelyn continues to ask to go swimming everyday, were not sure how long this will last. At least we know she enjoyed herself. We ate tons of seafood and Adam and I were able to enjoy a few date nights because our parents went along. This also means Madelyn was completely spoiled all week, we are still trying to get her back in a routine.

We had a great time and we look forward to taking Maddy back to Fripp in the future.

This picture is for my girlfriends Erica and Sacha. JCT stands for Johnson Creek Tavern where you leave a dollar on the wall with your name. If it wasn't for Erica and Sacha doing an internship in Fripp, along with Adam, I wouldn't have met him! :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Were Back!

We were on vacation last week in Fripp Island. We had a great time and Madelyn loved the beach and ocean. I will post more pictures soon!!

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