Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Twins Update

Yes, that's right...we are going to be welcoming two baby BOYS this summer!!  I think I am still in shock that we are going to have two rambunctious little boys the exact same age.  I can say rambunctious because they are already quite active, the feeling of two babies moving around in your stomach is something I can't really describe but just know there is a lot of activity going on in there.

Madelyn is getting used to the idea of two babies joining our household, she has been very helpful in getting the nursery ready.  Anytime the door is opened and the light on in the boys room she is immediately there to help, I have even found her playing in there with her baby a few times.  The other night we went through all the books on her bookshelf and picked out which books she is to big for now, she was happy to pass them along to her brothers.  She is going to be a big help!!!!

We have decided on the names for the boys, we have had one name picked out from when I was pregnant with Madelyn.  We wanted to incorporate family as best we could so the names will be...Carter David and Colten Stephen.  Many of you know that Carter is Adam's middle name and we have been hoping to use that for a boy for quite some time, the middle name David is after my (Sara's) father.  The name Colten we liked and if you know me then you know I am OCD and had to have something that sounded good together and had the same amount of letters.  Once we decided on Colten we knew the middle name would be Stephen after Adam's dad.  So there you have it, Carter and Colten!!!!

I had a doctor appointment yesterday with an ultrasound, we decided it would be fun to take Madelyn with us so she could see the babies and get used to the idea of mom having doctors around in preparation for the hospital.  I have explained how the babies will be born, she is in the stage of asking LOTS of questions.  I explained the c-section and how she was born, she has asked about my scar before so I figured I would try to explain.  She must have understood because on the way to the appointment yesterday she asked if the doctor was going to "cut my stomach open and let the babies fall out".   She watched the screen during the ultrasound but was more concerned about what was happening to me and all the other equipment in the room. 

Both babies are doing well, Baby A has a heart rate of 156 and weighs 1 lb. 7 oz., Baby B has a heart rate of 152 and weighs 1 lb. 5 oz.  They both had full stomachs and bladders so we know they are swallowing and producing waste appropriately, we were happy to see this.  Baby A seems to be hogging most the room and Baby B is having to fight for room, I can feel him up under my ribs a lot and that's because A is pushing him out of the way.  For some reason I have a feeling it will be this way for years to come, both of them fighting for "space".  I have appointments every two weeks right now and will have my next ultrasound in 4 weeks.  The doctors will then begin keeping a more watchful eye on their growth and development.

Adam and I are busy getting the house in order and doing our best to get things organized in the next 4 weeks because after 28 weeks who knows when they might decide to make an appearance.

Now, I am off to take a nap!!!